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Article Submission

- Authors who sent articles to Kant Çalışmaları are considered to have accepted that they have read and understood the journal’s rules.

- Authors are supposed to send their texts according to the instructions stated under the heading of “Instructions for Authors”. The texts that do not comply with the format rules may be resent to the author by the editorial board.

- Authors are required to send the article file which does not disclose any identification regarding its author, along with a separate file in which the name, surname, title, affiliated institution, e-mail address and ORCID number of the author are stated to email address. Submissions to email addresses other the indicated one are not accepted for review.

- Submitted texts will be examined by the editorial board to make sure that no ethical violation is committed. (Programs to check for authenticity/ plagiarism will be used).

- Articles that are sent to Kant Çalışmaları and given consent by the editorial board will be sent to two referees.

- Articles that are advised to be published by both referees will be published. When one of the referees makes a negative and the other one makes an affirmative decision regarding the article’s publication, the article will be sent to a third referee. If the third referee’s decision is positive, the article will be published; if not, it will not be published.

- Articles that are decided to be revised at the end of the review process will be resent to the author with the suggested revisions. After the revisions by the author, the referee may review the article again. After the referee’s review and corrections, the decision regarding the publication of the article is made by the editorial board.

- In cases where the referee review process cannot be completed by the current issue of the journal, articles will be assigned to the next issue.

- The author will be informed by email when the next issue is to be published.

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